Observations From the Week 2 Cheese-Devouring Event

HOLY S***…our boys DID IT!

Little Erin got stomped repeatedly, our new QB was a freakin’ hero, and despite some worrisome injuries and and mistakes…we opened the new house by beating our most hated opponent!

I gotta crank this out while I wait for my voice to repair itself…!


My fuggin’ smug-rays are likely visible from space right about now…I think I’ll mix myself a celebratory “Lemmy” right after I crank this dude out!

QB- Our first experience with Sam Bradford under center has got to be considered to be a huge success.  In two weeks, he managed to get enough of the offense down to put in a very solid performance (22/31, 286 yards, 2 TDS, no INTs) despite our o-line looking like…well…more on that later.  For the moment, though, we have something we haven’t had in a very long time: a very capable, highly-drafted, very intelligent QB hitting the prime of his career with US.  He’s not a raw kid needing seasoning, he’s not a late-career retread looking for one more shot at glory…he’s good, really good, right now, and under center for the Vikings.  In many ways, I see Sam Bradford as being exactly where myself (and I imagine some others) hoped Teddy would be this season.  The best part is that he’ll likely be getting better all season…if he stays upright.

RBs/FB- Houston, we have a problem…dammit, sit down, Watt, it’s just a saying.  “All Day” might be “All Done” for weeks or even the whole season, and without really accomplishing much in his very limited field time this season.  We’ll all be waiting to find out about his injury, and I hope it ends up looking far worse than it did.  That said, McKinnon and Asiata have been solid for us before, and I’m sure we’ll reach into our PS or maybe FA for one more backfield brawler in the even Adrian is really out.  Whatever the case, our backfield combined for 35 yards tonight.  Maybe we’re done being a run-first team….

WRs/TEs-  182 yards and a TD; that’s what Diggs hauled in tonight.  Moving chains, big gains, juking Pukers almost out of their shoes…he’s becoming a complete stud receiver.  He and Bradford were on the same page so well tonight that his penalty will be out of my mind by tomorrow.  His numbers are the kinds of things we’d expect during the Carter/Moss era, and it was his second triple-digit game in a row.  Throw in another 87 from Rudolph, Johnson, and Thielen, and we’ve officially got ourselves a passing offense!  If the others get on the page with Bradford as well as Diggs has, our team will officially be terrifying.

O-line-  YOU ARE ALL FUGGIN’ FIRED.  AGAIN.  STILL.  Seriously, how many years/players/coaches will go by before we can like these guys for more than 1-2 games in a row?

D-line/LBs-  I am forced to remember that no matter how much I hate the Pack, how much I consider Erin to be a zebra-fellating vegan tool, and how much I think their whole offense is overrated to a fare-thee-well by the sports media…they’re pretty damned good, and our defense did a stout job, tonight.  Lacy is strong enough to power through tackles, Erin (I’ll never spell that any other way) is actually as mobile as he is annoyingly accurate, and the whole offense is proven to be formidable.  So…Joseph, Hunter, Griffen, BRob, and Johnson are all to be congratulated for sacking Rodgers and/or causing fumbles.  Kendricks and Barr continue to bring the pain, Chad is still the spiritual leader, and this bunch made it a long night for our most hated foe.  Kudos, big time.

CBs/Safeties-  Let’s face it: Waynes and Newman aged us all some, tonight.  Starting with Newman’s dumbass penalties early on and Waynes forgetting basic fundamentals of NFL cornerback play, these guys were gonna have me (and I’ll bet several of you) in a binge-drinking marathon by the end of tonight’s game.  However, Newman had the late deflection and Waynes had the game-clinching INT…so they made some serious amends.  Harry had some great support plays and Sandejo was one second from being an early hero of the game.  Considering the young season, I’m pretty optimistic…but will feel better when Rhodes is back.

Special Teams-  Repeat after me: the Blair Walsh Project was perfect tonight.  Didn’t miss a single kick.  He’s not off probation, but he’s earned some important brownie points.  Locke was solid, though I wish he’d have gotten another 5 or so yards on a couple of those punts.  Our kick coverage did its job, CP84 had some good returns, and Sherels…well, managed not to muff the fair catches he had to make.  Good game for this bunch.

Coaching-  It’s hard to find much fault after a win, though I still wonder why AD continued to be aimed right at the tackles when it hasn’t been working.  Other than that, Norv apparently is able to get good stuff out of Stafford, Z and Edwards gave the GB offense fits, and our ST unit was solid all night.  It’s been a long time since I felt this good about our coaches, this group keeps getting better.

Officiating-  I’m actually going to give the penguins basic props, here, because while I felt we got a couple more flags than we deserved, they did a decent job of “letting them play” while trying to keep things from boiling over.  Diggs and Waynes didn’t exactly help our cause with the refs, tonight.


Seriously, folks…our new QB looked like he’d been with the team for months, our D is still brutal, and even with the loss (hopefully not for long) of our long-standing main offensive weapon, the Vikings rallied and beat a team that tends to be favored by the press and the officials.  Hopes and prayers for AD and our other injured players, but also…

…Carolina should be pretty damned worried.



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