Observations from Hog-Tying the Texans

Y’know, I usually don’t like patterns all that much.

Same-old, same-old, predictable and stale…except, with the Vikings, these weekly wins are feathers in our horned helmets, and our team is rolling in ways that we knew they could.  Despite a ridiculous slew of injuries and a new QB that’s been with the team for a tick over a month, we’re taking on all comers and sending ’em home with losses and frustration.  We won a “trap” game to start the season, played a series of SB-veteran QBs and some of the league’s best WRs in successive weeks, and faced down the league’s #1 pass defense today.

I LOVE this kinda pattern!!


Hello and goodbye, Texans, and I hope there’s no hard feelings after our passing offense went 100+ yards past your average allowed…and that your offense couldn’t get a non-penalty 1st down for most of the game…!

Actually, we all know that I don’t give a rat’s ass if that offends them.  ON WITH THE SILLINESS!

QB- What can we even say about Bradford, anymore, that hasn’t been recapped to a fare-thee-well?  First overall pick, hurt regularly, played with a slew of OCs during his career, traded, finished last season very well, then got traded as the Eagles cleared the way for Wentz…just before he came to fill in for our beloved Teddy, and has flourished with us ever since.  Today, he faced down the league’s best pass defense and got turned in a 271 yard, 2 TD performance that is the latest in his series of steady, brilliant games.  With a couple of weeks to heal up and get more playbook time, he could be much more dangerous going forward…!

RBs/FB- These guys continue to do enough to keep defenses honest, even if they lack the big-play abilities of the injured Peterson.  91 combined yards plus a TD from Asiata is more than enough to keep the DCs of opposing teams concerned.  Both Asiata and McKinnon also contributed some much-needed receptions to move the sticks.

WRs/TEs-  We finally got it: a game where “Thielen That Way” went over 100 yards along with a TD…and a 36 yard TD, at that.  The Texans apparently sold out to cover Rudolph (who only had a couple of receptions totaling 15) and Johnson (1 for 2), so Sam hit Thielen, Patterson (who hauled in a TD as well), and Wright to keep Houston guessing.  “Next man up” is our reality, and we’re up to it.

O-Line-  YOU’RE…doing what you can with maybe more injuries than any other unit on the team.  Sam got sacked twice and knocked around some, but this bunch seems to get better despite the revolving door at too many positions.  Kudos to a bunch I’m usually vicious about.

D-Line/LBs-  Let me get this out of the way:  Griffen was ROBBED on that offsides penalty.  We have yet another D-Lineman (like Page and Millard) who is so good off the snap that refs think he’s jumping early.  That said, our bunch of trench-specialists sacked Brock 4 times along with pressures/knockdowns…and he was held to 19/42 passing (with 1 each TD and INT).  Our beloved BRob brought in 2 of the sacks, and our maulers held their rushing offense to 59 yards.  Damn, we’re good.

CBs/Safeties-  I am happy to announce that I got to remove the “almost” tag from Sandejo today, as he pulled in an Osweiler pass and contributed some tackles as well.  Munnerlyn was our leading tackler (just over Kendricks and Harry), and this bunch held their passing offense in check ’til garbage time.

Special Teams-  The Blair Walsh Project hit everything today, damned near dead center.  Locke was solid, and the fan-favorite Sherels ran back another punt for a TD, which ties his with Percy Harvin in terms of returns for scores…and he’s just behind Leo Lewis in terms of yards.  This part of the team is quietly important.

Coaching-  Although I saw some predictability in terms of runs on 1st down and what-not, our brain trust frankly flattened the Texans’ coaches all game long. and Zimmer’s snarls at the refs echoed those of us humble fans.  This may be our all-time best coaching collective before they’re done.

Officials-  YOU’RE FUGGIN’ FIRED.  Seriously, I saw so many missed and strange calls today that only our dominant performance kept me from throwing my drink glass at the TV.  Well, that, and our waitress was hot enough to be distracting.

Conclusion-  Texas may be like a “whole other country”, but their Houston NFL team was sent home disappointed just like every other team we’ve faced this season.  18 points is a helluva solid win, and our team is finally getting some rest to help with all the injuries.  I gotta say that the only other game on our schedule that made me uneasy-Philly-looks much less worrisome after Detroit’s performance today.  I don’t know if we can run the table, but I’m starting to think it’s very, very possible…!



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