Misc. Thoughts: Texans

Photo Courtesy Vikings.com
Photo Courtesy Vikings.com

By VikeFans.com Member VikingOracle

I am not going to take full credit for the Vikings 5-0 start because my wife deserves part of the credit. She tolerates my love of the Vikings and is (somewhat) respectful of the need for quiet on game day. But this year, she wears purple shorts on game day. I think the first time was a coincidence but now it is a requirement. She actually made sure the shorts were nice and clean for Sunday this week. I can’t say she is totally insufferable because she thinks she wears the Vikings success but she is definitely more interested in the outcome. I haven’t told her yet that she will need to burn the shorts once the Vikings lose….

Now my miscellaneous thoughts:

  • The Lunch Pail Bunch: One of the things that really helps cement the love of a particular team are those players who feel like regular Joes but who just elevate their talent through hard work and persistence. Obviously, this week two such players who fit that category really popped: Thielen and Sherels (one way you know they fit in this category is when you need to check the proper spelling of their names).  In an improbable year, they were the improbable stars of this game.  I actually think I thought both would be cut this year. I also must say that Line did some outstanding blocking yesterday.  Yesterday’s result made me think of other players from year past who just hustled and persevered to help the team win; players like Chris Walsh and Jim Gustafson. I would love to hear everyone else’s favorite lunch pail players from bygone years.

  • Bradford: I sound like a broken record but each game I marvel at one or two passes by Bradford. He just puts the ball in tight windows where only the wide receiver has a chance to catch it. There was the touchdown pass to Patterson and a 4th quarter pass to Thielen.  I can’t recall a Vikings QB throwing such passes — ever.  Favre had some incredible throws but I don’t recall him fitting in passes this well. Moreover, it shows Bradford is willing to trust his wide receivers and they are proving such trust is well earned.

  • Defense: The thing I am learning about this defense is that is not built around one dominating superstar — it is more like a purple amoeba that can morph into any necessary shape and highlight different skills as necessary for each individual game. Yes, part of that is having talented players who can play many different roles such as Barr and Smith. But, the defense plays seamlessly; they are all in sync knowing what the others are going to do on any given play. This week Kendricks and Robison stepped up. This defense is the epitome of team defense.

  • Clemmings: First, one hundred dollars for whoever predicted during the preseason not only that the Vikings would be 5-0 but the offensive line at the end of the fifth game would be Clemmings, Boone, Berger, Kerin and Sirles. Just think about that for a moment.  Now Clemmings looked ridiculous at times. He will get someone killed if he doesn’t quickly improve. I believe this is only his third year playing Oline but yesterday was sad. I know he had little TE help (because of TE injuries?) but he is going to get someone killed blocking on the blind side.

  • Commentators: Just wanted to give them credit for being somewhat informative yesterday. I like the commentators who are more cerebral in their approach and not trying to please the masses.

  • Vikings PEE: Offense: I have to give it to Thielen. I thought about Sirles quite a bit but Thielen was actually a deep threat. Who would have thought that? On defense, it is really hard to pick anyone exceeding expectations on defense at this point. I am giving it to Sendejo because he remains on the field. Clearly, he is the least talented starting defensive player but no team has learned how to exploit that yet. Who knows, I may need to retire this prestigious award because my expectations will be so high for everyone.