Gofundme Campaign for Caactorvike’s Daughter and Family

Friends, I am sure many of you saw the recent news that our dear friend Caactorvike has posted recently about the bad news his family has received concerning their daughter. I cannot possibly recount the message as he has already shared so I will provide a link here and also quote his text below so that you can fully understand what they are going through. It is our hope that we as a group can come together to raise some funds so that we can provide items of comfort during her battle.

If you can please consider joining our campaign to raise the necessary funds Link to GofundMe Campaign

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Please pray for my daughter. My sweet kid, who turned 16 yesterday, is in critical contition and will be operated on tomorrow. she has sonething called TEN syndrome–a vicious auto immune disease brought in by an allergic reaction to a medicine. affects 6 in 1 million. she is at the Grossman Burn Center here in LA. we are here because the disease attacks the skin and lining of the mouth throat esophagus, and stomach. the skin falls off in sheets. therefore it is treated like a burn. the operation is to remove affected skin, cover with temporary skin and then try to keep infection ar bay. this has all happened in the last 3 days.
please pray for this wonderful child. she is loving, fierce and strong. she has been through so much–as if our house burning was not enough–now she has this. im frightened but turning it over to God.hug your loved onesivar (Caactorvike)