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The Beast's First Round Mock Draft

Apr 27 2016 04:52 PM | VikeFansTheBeast in Feature Stories

The Beast takes a crack at how he thinks the First Round will unfold in his Mock Draft.

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Thor's Hammer 2016 Draft Preview

Apr 25 2016 09:12 AM | Mike Olson in Feature Stories

The gang is back to preview the 2016 NFL Draft to bring you the rantings and ravings of the Thor's Hammer crew. Don't worry we've thrown in Geoff Nichols (NFLDraftGuru) to give us some legitimacy.

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The Beast's first pick in his Mock Draft, T...

Apr 12 2016 08:16 AM | VikeFansTheBeast in Feature Stories

With the 23rd overall pick, the Minnesota Vikings select Jaylon Smith Linebacker from Notre Dame.
Here are 3 reasons why Jaylon Smith will be a Viking.

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Potential draft day partners for the Vikings?

Apr 10 2016 08:10 AM | VikeFansTheBeast in Feature Stories

The Beast brings us this pre-draft look at a few teams and how they might be partners for the Vikings on draft day.

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Thor's Hammer 2015 Season Wrap-up Part 2

Feb 05 2016 02:13 PM | Mike Olson - Admin in Feature Stories

Here's the second half of Thor's Hammer Season wrap up! Enjoy!!!!

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Thor's Hammer 2015 Season Wrap-up Part 1

Feb 03 2016 01:33 PM | Mike Olson - Admin in Feature Stories

Tune in to hear the gang talk about the season that was 2015. Gv Makes a wtf bet that you don't want to miss and OBM rants the way only he can. Join Viking Bob as he steers the ship on this adventure!

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Observations After the Frozen Choke in the Play...

Jan 10 2016 03:11 PM | Zanary in Member Articles

Posted Image
That sums it up as well as anything else I could find.

Well, we went from under .500 to 11-5 and re-took the NFCN this season, AD got the rushing title again, and we have a bunch of young talent that look to have us in good shape for some years to come. It just sucks to be one and done, especially after holding the lead for most of the game and just needing a chip-shot to win.


But, just to make something clear: to the chat room nancies, the early quitters that were writing off the game with most of the 4th quarter left...you'll always be p***ies to me. Always. Being first to give up will NEVER be something I'll want to see in a fellow Vikings fan. I'd trade the lot of you to Detroit for a '72 Pinto.

Anyway, gonna write this before having a manly vomiting session....

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Thor's Hammer - Playoffs!?!?

Jan 09 2016 07:49 AM | Mike Olson - Admin in Feature Stories

The crew brings NFLDraftGuru back to the show to discuss the Vikings playoff game against the Seahawks... and they celebrate a North title win at the expense of the packers too.

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Horns Up Week Ep 16 - 2015 Week 17 & Wild C...

Jan 08 2016 06:29 PM | Lochstar in Feature Stories

A double dose! We'll be at the tailgate/game this weekend but our preview first so we can "I told ya so" properly! Enjoy!

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Observations After Laying 'em Low in Lambeau

Jan 03 2016 10:47 PM | Zanary in Feature Stories


I'd seriously be doing cartwheels right now, except that given my size and complete lack of agility, I'd write off all the furniture in the room and likely at least one pet...but it's still damned tempting...!

Erin got to eat plenty of his home turf, our D was tough all game long, and the penguins actually did their jobs worth a damn for a change...I'm stoked, exhausted, and hoarse as hell. The last time I was in this condition, there were a couple of women...but that's a story for another time.

Hell, my picks in Velspar are crap, again, and I don't give a damn...because...


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