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Misc. Thoughts -- Denver Edition

Oct 05 2015 01:04 PM | VikingOracle in Member Articles

Member VikingOracle drops the knowledge on his latest installment of Miscellaneous Thoughts

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Observations After a Bucking by the Broncos

Oct 04 2015 05:48 PM | Zanary in Member Articles

Well...dammit. So close, and yet so far.

This game was a rollercoaster of mixed emotions. I was thoroughly pissed for most of the first half, pissed, enthralled, and hopeful in the second. I combined one of the better bacon and bleu cheese burgers I've ever had with the bile taste of defeat. I'm pissed about being 2-2, but kinda thrilled that it took an undefeated team, with a living legend QB, in their home, to narrowly beat us by the number of points our kicker missed.

Some games should come with 3 shots of bourbon and 2 bottles of Pepto-Bismol. My Velspar is likely gonna be dismal...!

Enough bellyaching, here's my take....

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Thor's Hammer Episode 4

Oct 04 2015 07:45 AM | Mike Olson in Feature Stories

The guys are all back together this week to discuss last weeks Chargers game a look at the Broncos game and to talk with a guest from the site. Check it out!

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Horns Up!! Ep4, NFL 2015 Week 3 is UP...

Oct 01 2015 04:04 PM | Lochstar in Member Articles

Horns Up!! Comes back to you once again with our breakdown of NFL news, the Vikings game vs. the Chargers and our preview of the upcoming game against the Broncos!

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The Lochdown Week 3 - QB Beatdown!! (ye...

Sep 29 2015 06:06 PM | Lochstar in Feature Stories

The bestest breakdown of one of the awesomestest gamses I've seens since forever and everer.

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Reaction to Action - Vikings Vs Chargers.

Sep 28 2015 09:31 PM | Bezerker88 in Feature Stories

Bezerker and his alter ego are back to show their enthusiasm over the Vikings dominant win against the Chargers.

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Focus group - the ecstasy and the agony

Sep 28 2015 03:04 PM | greediron in Feature Stories

Greediron focuses in on the details of the Vikings Victory over the San Diego Chargers

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Observations after "Damning the Rivers"...

Sep 27 2015 07:11 PM | Zanary in Member Articles

With the exception of Week 1's complete disaster, it looks more and more like opposing QBs are gonna be very afraid to play against our defense.

This is how it's supposed to be, and we heartily approve this situation.

The offense had some "97" to it, the defense was vicious, and this was the 2nd straight game where it felt like we had it in control pretty early. It made the steak and eggs special taste even better, and was so entertaining that I almost forgot to look down the waitress' shirt (she knew how to get good tips).

I got to have a pre-weekend primer on Thor's Hammer Friday night, and it was both hilarious and informative. VBob, GV, and MIke were great hosts, and it was cool learning about 'Fever at the same time. I hope to I get to do that again, it was a great way to head into a football weekend!

At any rate, let's get into this...

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Thors Hammer Episode 3

Sep 27 2015 03:33 AM | Mike Olson - Admin in Feature Stories

This week's Episode brings you board members Zanary and VikeFever to the show where they discuss all sorts of topics from last weeks game to this week's game to music and everything else.

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Horns Up!! Returns with special guest A...

Sep 24 2015 04:54 PM | Lochstar in Feature Stories

Lochstar and the Beast bring you Horns Up week 3!

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