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NFLDG Mock Draft 4.0

Apr 23 2015 08:28 PM | NFL_DraftGuru in Feature Stories

NFLDG's 4th installment of his mock draft series, one week from the draft.

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VikeFans Member Profile - Aesirblood

Apr 16 2015 05:32 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Please welcome our resident author, Aesirblood as he talks about his own background and Viking history!

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The End and Beginning of an Era-The Vikings New...

Apr 13 2015 02:56 PM | vikergirl in Member Articles

Thoughts and observations about Adrian Peterson, Teddy Bridgewater, where the team was and where the team is going.

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Why the Vikings HAVE to trade back (by FSUVike)

Apr 10 2015 05:39 PM | FSUVike in Member Articles

Member FSUVike explains why it would be very beneficial for the Vikings to trade back from the eleventh spot in this years draft.

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Offense? What Offense...

Apr 10 2015 09:50 AM | Bezerker88 in Member Articles

A quick look at our deep passing offense of 2014 vs 2013. Norv vs Musgrave. Legal paper vs index card.

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NFLDG Mock 3.0

Apr 07 2015 10:15 AM | NFL_DraftGuru in Member Articles

Geoff offers us his third version of his 2015 NFL Mock Draft. You are not going to want to miss this one.

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An Attempt to Find Reason (AP Musings)

Mar 24 2015 12:10 AM | Zanary in Member Articles

Zanary gives his observations on his path to where we currently are in the Adrian Peterson saga....

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Brad Johnson NCAA Bracket Challenge - Day 1 Res...

Mar 20 2015 07:20 AM | Tom Moore in Feature Stories

First, if you are playing in the league, you can access the up-to-the-minute scoreboard on (trust me, if you entered a bracket and "saved" it, you are in the standings - no one left you out:


There are two ways to look at the standings. Who has the highest point total right now (wins and losses) and the other is to look at who has the highest possible point total, based on their remaining bracket.

Of note are VikerGirl in 1st, AzVikesGal's husband in 3rd and Mike Olson and Tom Moore in 3rd.

More notable is 87th and last place finisher, Randall McDaniel is in 3rd right now. He was either 86th or 87th all year long last year.

Jay Fielder, at #95, is our worst performing former player right now, and it looks like Mark Craig (Star Tribune) and Sean Jensen (NFL Network) should stick to football, as they stand in tied in 84th place.

I am confident we will see some player trash talk soon!

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Because Nobody Asked: My Take on AD

Feb 26 2015 03:54 PM | Vikadelic in Member Articles

Vikadelic chimes in with his very well thought out opinion on the Adrian Peterson saga...

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VikeFans Member Profile - C-10

Feb 25 2015 03:39 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Enjoy the story of C-10, and how he became a Vikings fan, the gridiron memories he cherishes, and what he enjoys doing with his life.

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