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Observations After the Falcons' Beat-Down

Nov 29 2015 03:12 PM | Zanary in Member Articles

Matty Ice got a melt-down, the #1 rush defense got run over by AD, and the mutters that we can't beat winning teams get the STFU for another week.

As someone that still stings from the loss to Atlanta in early '99, I'm all for punishing that team for-freakin'-ever.

On with the merriment!!

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Thor's Hammer Episode Twelve

Nov 28 2015 03:11 PM | Mike Olson - Admin in Feature Stories

Join these turkeys for their twelfth installment of Thor's Hammer!

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Horns Up! Ep 10 NFL 2015 Week 11

Nov 26 2015 04:09 PM | Lochstar in Member Articles

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Reaction2Action Vs Packers

Nov 22 2015 10:49 PM | Bezerker88 in Feature Stories

Hmmmm..... well I'll just let you watch it.....

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Observations After Being Grilled by the Cheese

Nov 22 2015 07:51 PM | Zanary in Feature Stories

Vocabulary lesson time!

Tonight's word? PISSED-A-POINTED.

It's defined as being angry enough to lose tooth enamel from NOT screaming profanities in Hooters while also feeling a bone-deep, aching disappointment at something way too familiar.

These are the games that endanger the liquor cabinet. Nothing like watching your favorite team unload the whole magazine into both feet, then reloading so the opponent and the refs can help.

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Thor's Hammer! Episode 12 - Beeeeeep th...

Nov 21 2015 05:14 PM | Mike Olson - Admin in Feature Stories

The boys bring you a great show on the eve of the border battle versus the Green Bay Packers!

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Vikings v. Packers Preview

Nov 21 2015 11:11 AM | NFL_DraftGuru in Feature Stories

Geoff Nichols gives his breakdown on the Battle Border that could be key to who wins the division this year.

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Horns Up!! EP 9 Border Battle Special...

Nov 20 2015 04:34 PM | Lochstar in Feature Stories

IF there's a Horns Up! to not miss, this is it! New format, a pile of guests and rapid fire awesome!

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Misc. Thoughts: Raiders

Nov 16 2015 02:27 PM | VikingOracle in Feature Stories

All the miscellaneous thoughts you need to recap what a great day it was watching the VIkes take down the Raiders!

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Thor's Hammer Episode Eleventy

Nov 14 2015 05:02 PM | Mike Olson - Admin in Feature Stories

Here it is Thor's Hammer with a special guest that is sure to deliver the info that you need! Beware Bob is Jacked up for this one!!!!1!111!!!!eleven!!!!!!1!

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