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Because Nobody Asked: My Take on AD

Feb 26 2015 03:54 PM | Vikadelic in Member Articles

Vikadelic chimes in with his very well thought out opinion on the Adrian Peterson saga...

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VikeFans Member Profile - C-10

Feb 25 2015 03:39 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Enjoy the story of C-10, and how he became a Vikings fan, the gridiron memories he cherishes, and what he enjoys doing with his life.

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A (clean) AP Op-Ed

Feb 24 2015 12:37 PM | JR181 in Member Articles

JR181 offers up his opinion piece on the Adrian Peterson situation as he sees how things went down from beginning to....wherever it is we are now.

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NFLDG Mock Draft v1.0

Feb 22 2015 04:39 PM | NFL_DraftGuru in Member Articles

NFLDraftGuru gives his first crack at a mock draft

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12 Angry Vikings Fans~an editorial~

Feb 20 2015 01:36 PM | azvikesgal in Member Articles

When the mindset of a fanbase changes, it is up to you to convince them to see it your way~

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Are the Vikings getting their money's worth?

Feb 19 2015 12:32 PM | Bezerker88 in Member Articles

Another week, another question and another comparison. This time I take a look at what the Vikings are paying to the players that catch the ball. One of them is smiling all the way to the bank. Should he be?

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NFL_DraftGuru Rumors and Rumblings with Off-Sea...

Feb 15 2015 11:09 PM | NFL_DraftGuru in Feature Stories

NFLDraftGuru brings his version of the Vikings offseason plan as we make our way through the long wait for the opening of the 2015 season.

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VikeFans Member Profile - Mozzie

Feb 10 2015 12:03 PM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Welcome our purple brother Mozzie into the Member Profile Segment. Good stuff from a fan since 1979!

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VikeFans Member Profile - Havoc1649

Jan 26 2015 04:45 PM | VikeFans in Member Profiles

Havoc1649 gets us back in the swing of learning about our VikeFans.com brethren.

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Playoff Rounds 1 and 2 – Mild Cards and Divisio...

Jan 15 2015 11:10 AM | Lochstar in Member Articles

Lochstar breaks down the first two weeks of NFL playoff action

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