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Thor's Hammer 2015 Season Wrap-up Part 2

Feb 05 2016 02:13 PM | Mike Olson - Admin in Feature Stories

Here's the second half of Thor's Hammer Season wrap up! Enjoy!!!!

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Thor's Hammer 2015 Season Wrap-up Part 1

Feb 03 2016 01:33 PM | Mike Olson - Admin in Feature Stories

Tune in to hear the gang talk about the season that was 2015. Gv Makes a wtf bet that you don't want to miss and OBM rants the way only he can. Join Viking Bob as he steers the ship on this adventure!

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Observations After the Frozen Choke in the Play...

Jan 10 2016 03:11 PM | Zanary in Member Articles

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That sums it up as well as anything else I could find.

Well, we went from under .500 to 11-5 and re-took the NFCN this season, AD got the rushing title again, and we have a bunch of young talent that look to have us in good shape for some years to come. It just sucks to be one and done, especially after holding the lead for most of the game and just needing a chip-shot to win.


But, just to make something clear: to the chat room nancies, the early quitters that were writing off the game with most of the 4th quarter left...you'll always be p***ies to me. Always. Being first to give up will NEVER be something I'll want to see in a fellow Vikings fan. I'd trade the lot of you to Detroit for a '72 Pinto.

Anyway, gonna write this before having a manly vomiting session....

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Thor's Hammer - Playoffs!?!?

Jan 09 2016 07:49 AM | Mike Olson - Admin in Feature Stories

The crew brings NFLDraftGuru back to the show to discuss the Vikings playoff game against the Seahawks... and they celebrate a North title win at the expense of the packers too.

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Horns Up Week Ep 16 - 2015 Week 17 & Wild C...

Jan 08 2016 06:29 PM | Lochstar in Feature Stories

A double dose! We'll be at the tailgate/game this weekend but our preview first so we can "I told ya so" properly! Enjoy!

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Observations After Laying 'em Low in Lambeau

Jan 03 2016 10:47 PM | Zanary in Feature Stories


I'd seriously be doing cartwheels right now, except that given my size and complete lack of agility, I'd write off all the furniture in the room and likely at least one pet...but it's still damned tempting...!

Erin got to eat plenty of his home turf, our D was tough all game long, and the penguins actually did their jobs worth a damn for a change...I'm stoked, exhausted, and hoarse as hell. The last time I was in this condition, there were a couple of women...but that's a story for another time.

Hell, my picks in Velspar are crap, again, and I don't give a damn...because...


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Thor's Hammer Episode 16 Packers Week

Jan 02 2016 08:17 AM | Mike Olson - Admin in Feature Stories

Thor's Hammer breaks down the shrinking of the Giants and the unwrapping of the Packers.

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Horns Up! Ep15 2015 Week 16 - Border Battle...

Dec 31 2015 04:41 PM | Lochstar in Feature Stories

Yep, this one ran a bit longer but you'll enjoy our special guests :D

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Observations After Giant Killing, One More Time

Dec 28 2015 01:43 AM | Zanary in Feature Stories

Tonight's article is being turned in very late, partially because of the game time, and partially because I was catching bits of the game while playing a bar jam. I re-watched a lot of the game afterward, and I'm pretty tired/loopy...so this one might get kinda weird.

What is undeniable, though: we really can deliver ol' Eli a brutal ass-kicking from time to time. He must look at games against us with the same affection that generally comes with a colonoscopy (or less, maybe he's into that kind of thing). We seem to bring out his inner dufus with great consistency...

...and it's really, really entertaining when you're playing Pink Floyd's "Breathe" while watching the Rhodes/Sandejo interception!

Anyway, I'm gonna try to get this done before I pass out....

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Observations After Going Ted Nugent on da Bears

Dec 20 2015 03:14 PM | Zanary in Feature Stories

(that headline alone should make me a talking point at the next Democrat debate)

That...THAT, my friends...was an ass whoopin'!

In honor of that, I bring you the first "B***H, PLEASE" article introduction!

Today's "B***H, PLEASE" declaration goes to every Vikings fan, years back, that wanted to throw themselves into fjords over Chicago getting Baby Jay Cutler. That weepy-faced dufus got owned by our defense and completely out-produced by Teddy today. That twink has been his-and his team's-worst enemy for most of his career. For every good game, he has a dumpster fire. When he inevitably comes available for a trade or whatever, anyone in purple wanting him on the roster better be a Baltimore fan.

Just sayin'.

OK, on with the revelry!!

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