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Forum Rules

Topic Flooding –
Please refrain from starting duplicate topics or links or starting controversial discussions or topics like climate, conspiracies, crimes, guns, politics or religion. Acceptable discussions include animals, cooking, entertainment, jobs, jokes, outdoors, paranormal, relationships, science, sports, etc. A violation may result in locked content, revised content and/or a 14 or 90 day warning.
Nudity, Lewdness, or Gore –
While we all have different tastes, VikeFans.com asks that you try to temper your discussions as though you were in a public setting consisting of various age ranges and walks of life. A violation will result in a 14 or 90 day warning.
Malware, SPAM or Illegal Content –
Malware, SPAM and/or illegal content are serious issues and are not tolerated. This includes copyright infringement, unauthorized links to NFL games and merchandise or specific threats to individuals. A violation may result in an immediate ban or a 14 or 90 day warning.
Inappropriate, Inflammatory Language –
Please refrain from using slurs or offensive language pertaining to race, religion, nationality, sex, and sexual orientation etc. in posts or any offensive language in thread titles. These actions may result in moderation including editing posts, an immediate ban and/or a 14 or 90 day warning.
Abusive Behavior, Attacking a Member –
Name calling, ridiculing, bullying, or continued provoking of another member or original content of a member is not allowed. Please refrain from this type of activity. Violations will result in a 14 or 90 day warning.
Disclosing Personal Details of a Member –
Please do not reveal personal information without expressed permission to do so. This can place members and others to risks from potential online predators. This activity may result removal of the content and/or a 14 or 90 day warning.
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