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8. Teenage conversation

Posted by Aesirblood in Aesirblood and his Hammer Monkey Adventures, 28 February 2017 · 53 views
on topic

8. Teenage conversation "Cameron, you're 13 now. Time to learn how to build stuff. You can't play video games forever. Sound good?" 
"Um, okay? What are we building?" 
"The basement up north. You and I are going to start heading up there on weekends and finish it off." 
"Like, this weekend?" 
"We leave tomorrow night after work. Pack jeans and old shoes."...


Tonight I'm Going To Party Like It's 1934...In Germany...

Posted by BarrNuthin'™ in BarrNuthin'™'s Blog, 10 February 2017 · 63 views

Now Whispering In The Donald’s Ear  
Here’s a look at The Commander In Tweets top advisor. A self-proclaimed Leninist who stated “ I’m a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment”.  


test title

Posted by PTN in Purple Pillaging, 09 February 2017 · 90 views
on topic

test title test article


Where have I been? to hell and (hopefully) back

Posted by azvikesgal in azvikesgal's Blog, 09 September 2016 · 611 views
off topic

Alright, so I've had a few people ask where the heck I've been......one even texted me.....must remind self to quit giving phone number to strangers (and trust me folks........they don't come any stranger than jimmyinsd!!) then I had to reply texting on my flip-phone (yeah.......it's a dinosaur........but I don't run out of data and I have no spell check...


2016 Automotive News!!!

Posted by Zanary in Zanary's Blog, 16 January 2016 · 324 views
off topic

(yeah, you can assume that this is satire...mostly....)

Acura - Honda’s “upscale Accord brand” will be gaining the new NSX hypercar this year, which differs from the original by having more power, more complexity, more cost, and less involved driving dynamics…so, all is consistent with Acura.
Alfa Romeo - The amazing but borderline-useless 4C will be jo...


Looking for friends

Posted by jrcastro in jrcastro's Blog, 08 October 2015 · 986 views
off topic

Hello. I don't know what will become of this since I have never done this. What I am reaching out to all of you is some information. I don't know what else to do. Let me begin. Years ago my wife and I met Mark the Man and his future wife Mindy. Mindy was so helpful in getting our first Viking Underground meeting successful. We have lost contact over the y...


2nd game of the season... Reaction to Action

Posted by Bezerker88 in Bezerker88's Blog, 23 September 2015 · 470 views
on topic

Second game of the season and it was win. I kinda rushed this episode and I think it showed. I tried to recap the game using my notes and I'm not sure I like that method. I will probably try something different the next time. Not sure I'll do one after the chargers game due to attending the tailgate. I might put one out later in the week, depends on...



Posted by Mike Olson in SomewhatAwesome's Blog, 13 March 2014 · 886 views



Wizards, Magi & Other Magical Folks

Posted by OrlogTSD in What a wonderful word, 20 July 2013 · 9,542 views

You can blame azvikesgal for this blog :)   she inspired me!

Our perception of the world is controlled, or at least steered by our language---when you don't have a word to describe something or an experience it is much more laborious to discuss that situation. I once described an interesting new (at the time) mall/plaza as appearing to be promising in i...

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