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VikeFans.com Branding



These logos are property of VikeFans.com and its respective owners/site managers.

However,  it is permissible to be utilized by all members of VikeFans.com for entertainment and recreational use.

Please use the logo in whole. Do not alter or cover any part the logo in any way, and if you placing the logo on a webpage, please provide a link back to VikeFans.com.

The following images constitute “logo” in the above verbiage.


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The font used is a TrueType font called GodofWar, and can be found here.




The purple used on VikeFans.com, its affiliated sites, and promotional material is:


Red: 47

Green: 0

Blue: 73



Cyan: 92

Yellow: 95

Magenta: 46

Black: 22


Website hexadecimal value: #2F0049