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The following is a quick step by step on how to create a private blog to host conversations that you want to have with just a small group of invitees of your choosing.
If there are any questions please private message me and I will try to answer them. In the event that you cannot get the instructions to work I may be able to create a blog for you and transfer it to you.
-Mike Olson - Admin

Step 1: To Get started hover over the Blogs tab on the Navigation menu and select "Manage My Blogs"


Step 2: Click on the Create a Blog button on the right hand side of the page.


Step 3: In the First step of the Creat Blog Wizard read and agree to the terms and click continue.


Step 4: Give your blog a name and a description. Leave the Blog Type set to Local Blog.


Step 5: To make your blog as private as possible, uncheck the options allowing guests to view and post to your blog.
Set the Blog View Permissions to Private Club.
It is sometimes easier to set the default status to Published so that new topics are posted immediately
Click Save


Step 6: Back at the Manage Blogs section click on the "Options" button for your blog.
Select "Manage Settings"


Step 7: Select the Editors tab and add in any members that you would like to be able to create new topics.


Step 8: Click the Private Club tab and add in members that you want to be able to see and post to your topcis


Step 9: Alert the people that you added to your blog that they are invited to join in your discussion!