USB Drive of the game versus the Houston Texans

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By Members Greediron and Bezerker88

Like the Vikings this last week, we seem to be settling into a nice groove with the USB Drive of the game on The Vikings are 5-0 heading into their bye week, while we are on our 3rd edition looking for a drive that helped define our week 5 win.

Week 2 was the defense turning the momentum against the Packers while last week we saw the offense take the game back under control after the Giants had gotten within 7. This week though, no emotions were toyed with. The shoes were neatly put away in the shoe rack, with no danger of any of them falling. Did I mention a groove? Like some good groove metal, the Vikings were thrashing on their bass guitars and pounding out a nice beat. And at the danger of stretching that analogy Kaepernick thin, the Texan’s D provided the drum.

As noted, the prior week’s games left us in a puddle of nerves, this week the offense set the tone early; as in first drive of the game early. After a return to the 16, we came out with an incomplete pass to McKinnon on 1st down, providing us the obligatory heart attack, but in a good way. Clowney jumped offsides on the next play to give us a 2nd and 5 at the 20. Bradford hits CP on a quick stop for 7 yards. With the corner playing 7 yards off and CP’s ability to get yards after contact, this was a great start for our offense staying ahead of the chains deep in our own end of the field.

Then our offense turns to McKinnon of the right side for 2 plays for 8 yards each. The right side and FB Line provided some great holes. Sirles seals the second level and Line pancakes #51 on the edge to get Jet 6 yards before contact. Running to the left isn’t as successful as TJ whiffs badly and ends up face in the dirt as the play stretches outside for a 2 yard loss.
On 2nd and 12, Bradford stands tall and delivers to Thielen for 23 yards on a nice deep out. Sirles gets beat late and Bradford takes a hit, but AT was wide open as the CB was sitting on a post route. Another 1st down run to the left for negative yards and Fusco goes out with a concussion.

Facing another 2nd and 10+, Bradford looks for the man of the day, Thielen for a 36 yard touchdown. AT made another nice move to beat a very good CB in Joseph. Bradford gave a subtle shoulder pump to sell the inside move as Thielen ran a 7 route for 6. The line gave our QB a clean pocket and a great throwing lane to deliver a strike that set the tone for the day. Yes the Vikings are for real. Yes our offense can carry its share of the load and yes, Adam “special teamer” Thielen can torch your starting CB for over 125 and a touch. Yes, the Vikings were ready to put on their work boots and step on your throat. And Yes, there was no doubt this drive was the USB Drive of the game.