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Style of Play

Photo by Jason Barum
Photo by Jason Barum

By Member FSUVike

I’m reading a lot of predictions on here about losing 2-3 games tops, whooping up on the Giants, etc.

Folks, I love this team as much as I love FSU and the KC Royals. And those three teams have something in common other than me screaming at the old television set when they play: their style of play allows virtually no room for error.

Now in FSU’s case they have no room for error against decent competition because they come out of the gate so slow and dig such a huge hole that they can’t afford errors once the comeback starts.

In the case of the Royals & Vikings it’s a conscious choice to rely heavily on Defense and just enough Offense rather than counting on massive rallies like the Noles.

Great Defense and a nearly invincible bullpen got KC to 2 straight World Series. And what is locally called ‘frenzy hitting’ where the team strings together so many singles it makes up for the lack of power bats.

Well, injuries and down years from several players killed the frenzy hitting momentum and the bullpen returned to Earth, with the result being no playoffs here in KC this season.

Our Minnesota Vikings also play a style that has little room for error. So far they have needed superior Special Teams play, a distinct advantage in Field Position and an All-World Defense sacking QBs and forcing turnovers left and right to cover an anemic Offense.

That model is sustainable all the way to a Super Bowl win, as the Broncos just proved. But it was a roller coaster experience for their fans.

All it will take against the Giants, or any team for that matter, is an Offensive Coordinator getting hot for a couple of series before Zimmer can adjust. Or some Special Teams gaffes. Or some Offensive turnovers early on. Or a Defense blanking this Offense.

It’s not going to take a lot of things going wrong for this team to find itself down by multiple touchdowns early and needing Sam and Company to make up the difference instead on Defensive and Special Teams scores.

I actually love this style of play personally. When a team like FSU is blowing teams out every week and finally runs into stiff competition you worry about their ability to shake off a punch to the mouth and fight back.

I will never doubt a Mike Zimmer coached team’s ability to keep fighting. But until the Offense discovers more weapons, better O-Line players and even mediocre Red Zone production I don’t see how you can look past any team, including Eli the Interceptor.

Expect a battle every week and the best thrill ride in all of sports my Purple Brethren! And try not to overreact too much when they squeak one out on Monday.