Pumpf-on-a-laptop (from Mankato)

Just got back from the scrimmage… and while I’m waiting for Jake’s Pizza to get delivered… after which we’re headed for the Vikefan campsite… I thought I’d give some thoughts about tonight’s scrimmage.  I’m sure I’ll forget alot of stuff I intended to share… so feel free to ask any questions.  It might jog my memory!



Kalil was underwhelming.  He was OK at times; at other times I could see (we were about 50 feet away) how bad his form/technique is.  Example: on a couple of occasions, his hands were too tight, bringing his shoulder together and narrowing his upper-body “base”.  That made it easy for EG to get to Kalil’s “edge” and beat him upfield.  On another occasion, Kalil’s upper-body got too far over (past) his knee, leaving him off balance.  Basically, it seems like he just has bad feet.  And, as was pointed out to me by another Vikefan member, he put forth little effort during the OL hand drills.


On the other hand, his back -up (Sirles) looked like a much better (and more energenic) technician.  Then again, he was going against 2’s (backups).


Berger played with the 1’s (on the series that I could see).  Andre Smith looked really good at RT.  He had good feet and really did a good job or pushing his rusher past the pocket.


During the run periods, I saw us running alot of outside run, with our OL really hoofing it to get to the outside.  It appears to me that we are looking for quicker, long O-Lineman, rather than slow, strong, “low-to-the-ground” O-Linemen.  I don’t know how it will be when the bullets start flying, but at least we appear to be able to threaten the “edge” with designed outside runs (not just AD bouncing it outside on his own).



Treadwell made some nice catches, but he also dropped some more.  In my opinion, his problem is mental.  He clearly has good hands- yet he drops ones that he should catch.  I’m no expert on receivers, but I sure hope that mental yips are correctable.  Otherwise, I’m worried about our shiny new pick.  Oh, another thing about Treadwell: he was blanketed by Waynes (yay for Waynes), who broke up the pass.  And, worse, he was put one-on-one vs. Sherels (which seemed, to me, a mismatch in Treadwell’s favor).  Well, Treadwell ran a curl-in… and Sherels reached around and knocked it away.  In other words, Treadwell didn’t exactly use his body to shield away the defender… even the littlest defender on the field!


On the other hand, Diggs and CJ look like a legit combo.  Diggs caught everything, was shifty as heck and made a spectacular TD catch.  CJ ran good routes, caught every ball he could and was reliably where he was supposed to be.  Thielen dropped an easy TD during 1-on-1 drills (after a sweet double move).  Speaking of double moves, I saw alot of double – and triple- moves… so I’m assuming that Norv must think that the OL is going to give Teddy more time.


I really do think that Wright could lose his job to Stoudemire.  Stoudemire looked good (shifty) returning kicks, caught everything and was REALLY quick.  He’s everything that Wright was.. except younger and cheaper.  Mobo was invisible.



Teddy was OK.  He threw alot of balls to all 3 levels: long, middle and short.  He didn’t automatically check down right away.  In fact, he did a fair job of stepping up and continuing to look downfield (even though it cost him a sack once, when he actually could’ve dumped the ball of to Rudolph in the flat).  The other QBs… were not worth mentioning- other than (to quote our beloved Denny): they are who we thought they were.



There was alot of interesting stunts being run.  One of them had BRob standing up and moving around (like a LB) before he picked a lane to rush.  EG looked good… Floyd sat out.  Hunter was blocked pretty nicely by Smith.  BRob took some snaps at LE… and then, when he moved around, Hunter came in.  Some other guys got some reps at the edges, but none did anything that I noticed (which doesn’t mean anything, since I couldn’t see everything).



Barr had a sweet in the 2-minute drill.  He was covering someone (I think it was Rudolph… but it might have been a RB), who was running a flag route to the corner of the end zone)… and then went up (like a DB) and picked the ball out of the air (in front of the receiver).  The back-judge ruled it incomplete (out of bounds), but I’d like a look at the replay; looked good to me. Kendricks tweaked something (he was visibly upset… but I don’t know if that means anything).  I was really interested to see our backup LBs play.  What I came away with is Lamur is big (long)… and Brothers is small.  He looked like a DB (but for some other team, since our DBs are getting bigger and bigger all the time).  I liked his quickness… but I don’t know if he’s got enough “butt” to play in the middle.



Our DBs were blanketing our WRs all night.  Our receivers had some success over the middle… but, in a game, they might get their heads taken off.  In a scrimmage, they can go in there with impunity.  Waynes looked better than Newman in one-on-ones… and Rhodes had another end zone INT.  I didn’t see our “other” safeties do anything special… but I can say that Kearse looked really good in one-on-ones; and man is he BIG!  I’ve only seen this one day of practice, so take this for what its worth… but I like Kearse better than Sendejo.  (Of course, I’ve never liked Sendejo… so I might be a little bit biased.)  Exum didn’t show anything; Harris was OK.  He was good in coverage… but I wonder if he can play the run like Zimmer wants his safeties to play it.


Defensively, we ran alot of “exotic” blitzes (slants).  Offensively, we were pretty creative with 2 and 3 TE sets.  I really liked the offensive set where Pruitt was the outside receiver (he ended up motioning back inside), with CJ or Thielen as the 2nd receiver… with Diggs in the slot (closest to the QB).  I’d love to see what we could do with that set (without the motion).


One other thing: I REALLY like our new TE.  He had GREAT hands.  I didn’t really see his blocking (except for once, when he wiped out one of our backup DEs), but since that’s his specialty (blocking) I assume that great route-running and hands is what’s really going to get him on this team.  Obviously we haven’t played any games yet, but I think he’s going to stick.  I KNOW that he won’t make it to our practice team, if we decide to cut him.


I guess that’s it.  If you’ve got any questions, fire away and I’ll answer them when I can.