Observations After Bucking the Broncos in Preseason

What if I told you…that the Vikings finally added a proven QB in his prime to a league-leading defense, while having a group of offensive weapons that may match any in Vikings history?

No pills here, kids…just a whole new day for the Purple People.


Yeah, that was a spectacularly painful offseason.  We’ve been through some absolute nightmares in recent years, but WOW…let’s run down the drama:

1.  DAMMIT, SO CLOSE…and we have no idea who our QB is for next season…!
2.  Ooops, or our offensive coordnator.
3.  Is Teddy actually healthy?  Is Sam?
4  Wait, Rick and co. are actually sniffing around Cousins?  He’d cost a MINT.
5.  Wait, our OC is the guy that helped Philly’s QBs humiliate us?
6.  So, maybe more than sniffing around Kirk…but the money…and who else stays?
7.  Ah, no one else stays.
8.  HOLY S**T, 84 MILLION!?!?!?
9,  Wait, we’re already facing a bunch of contract issues…oh, hello, Sheldon.  Welcome!
10.  So, McKinnon’s gone, and we replaced our slot receiver with a guy with the same last name?
11.  Seriously, how can we pay…oh, OK, we locked up hunter….
12.  …and Diggs, which means that Barr is currently the awkward man out…
13.  …and dammit, Tony…rest in peace, buddy, and thank you.
15.  If Cousins sucks in his preseason debut, this is gonna suck in stereo.

Well, obviously, we all know how the Kirk Cousins debut in purple went: 4/4, 42 yards, a TD in the red zone (a supposed weakness), and 3 of the passes were to Diggs.

Meanwhile, Case Keenum was held to a whopping 5 yards in 2 futile drives against the same defense he used to practice against.  I’m not going to do my typical breakdown, largely because there’s a ton of names that I’m already failing to keep track of and…I’m barely wrapping my furry, exhausted brain around football season being so very close.  With all the drama this past year (along with no small amount of my own, in every facet of my life), it’s been a helluva ride already in 2018.

Truth is, I almost don’t care about the next 3 weeks.  Sure, I’ll watch the preseason games whenever they’re aired, watch the cuts, and be looking at every article I can find for trends/hints/rumors about our beloved, maddening team…but I’m all about Week One, hosting the 49ers.  That’s where the rubber meets the road, the real games start, and we get the first real look at who we’ll be screaming for into 2019.

Coach Z called his shot, said we’d be real proud of our guys this February.

Brothers and sisters, I desperately wanna believe.



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