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Miscellaneous Thoughts – VikingOracle

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  • Sam Bradford Will Have a Big Year:  Why do I know this? — because I have been a Vikings fan for decades.  Think about — what will cause the Vikings the most off season drama  — Bradford having a monster year coupled with Teddy being fully healthy.  Think Cunningham taking over for Johnson and Johnson subsequently being traded.  Bradford having a big year would lead to a typical Viking off season of turmoil.
  • Sam Bradford Thoughts:  I have thought about this a while and I think the Vikes are planning to let Bradford leave as a free agent at the end of this year,  If they do so, they can recoup a fourth round draft pick (probably) as compensation (I doubt the Vikes will have a lot of money to sign FAs this next off season to offset the loss of Bradford).
  • Preseason Flashes: Every season I am reminded that I am just a fan and coaches are coaches for a reason.  This time of year is especially good at humbling me.  Last year at this time I thought Tre Roberson showed enough promise as a CB that the Vikes would not try to sneak him onto the practice squad.   He is not even talked about this year.  Think about the players from prior preseasons who seemed destine to grow into a roster spot and have never developed further.  It is really interesting to me to try to identify low draft picks/free agents who will blossom — but it is a crap shoot just watching some preseason to see who will develop.  What player on the roster is the next Sendejo or Thielen?  what attributes are necessary to not only show potential one season but to actually develop that potential?   To me, Coley and Bower seem like obvious high upside youngsters.  I had great hope for Tocho but have heard next to nothing and can’t recall any plays made by him.
  • SF Game:  I have mixed feeling about how poorly the starters played.  On one hand, I am hoping this causes them to really concentrate on the Saints game (I have a bet with my nephew on this game).  On the other hand, I wonder whether this shows some systemic issue we are not privy to — maybe a problem that took root last year in the second half.  I hate to see a team sleepwalk through a first half
  • Players I Have Soured On:  I have been a big fan of Edmond Robinson but he seems out of position too much.  Likewise, I have been unimpressed with Barr this preseason, he seems out of position at times, not to know his assignment or not holding the edge.  Boone seems to lack his usual fire.  Waynes looked horrible yesterday — very disappointed with him.
  • Players I Like More Now:  I will lump together Price and Exum — I think they both look like the lights are going on.  Plus, they are good on special teams.  I think it will be fund to watch the two E-boys develop on the offensive life.  Maybe make that the vowel boys and throw in Isidora.  Pretty anyone on the defensive line is worth watching.  Which leads me to my next thought….
  • Vikings and DLineman:  Why are some teams so good at finding and developing good players at one spot and so poor at other spots.  And I don’t mean on coaching regime — I mean historically?  The Vikes have been good since the beginning in finding and developing DLine talent.  Vikes have also been excellent finding and developing centers over the years.  But the Vikes have done poorly with cornerbacks (and may have the best cornerback in his history on the roster right now).   Strange to me that over a ton of different coaches and personnel people, the vikes would be so good in finding quality dlinemen and and centers and struggle finding cornerbacks and quarterbacks.