Misc. Thoughts: Redskins

As the season goes downhill so does the length on my posts.

  • Toughness: The team no longer looks tough on either side of the ball. opposing running backs almost always adds a couple of yards after contact while the Vikes Oline can’t move the opposing line a yard. there is no swagger, there is no toughness. Suddenly, the Vikes look like a finesse team on both defense and offense.
  • Stars: At the beginning of the game, the Redskins appeared to go right after the Vikings stars — Smith and Barr. I was really surprised by that. Barr has been a huge disappointment this year but Smith has been solid but neither won their one on ones in the first half.
  • Timeout: I think we can again question how/when timeouts are taken. At the end of the first half, the Vikes were in the red zone and a run failed. there were 15 seconds left when the play stopped but the vikes waited until 10 seconds to call a time out. They scored on the next play but they should have called time out immediately. I am not sure what is happening on the sidelines that is causing the vikes not to strategically use timeouts correctly.
  • Coaches: I think Zimmer made a mistake of bringing on so many coaches with head coaching experience. I think it created confusion and disharmony to the team on many levels. I think the problem is still going on because you have Turner’s staff now being lead by Shurmer — it has to be awkward. I also think the offensive turmoil has caused Zimmer to lose focus on the defense and it shows.
  • Winning: The Vikes need a little luck and get another victory. It will do wonders and may turn around the season.
  • Walsh: The had to cut him. Coming out of college, the Vikes thought walsh’s problems as a senior were only technique issues. They obviously were mental issues also. Kicker, like Dbacks, need to have short memories. Walsh didn’t. Enough already.
  • Vikings Pee: Offense: I am giving it to Long. I watched him throughout the game and he appeared much better.  Tough loss.  Diggs is also worthy. Question, why didn’t they have Cummings move to LT and Sirles come in at RT? Defense: everyone is playing average right now. I can’t think of a defensive player who exceeded my expectation during the Redskins game. So, I will give it to Locke.