Misc. Thoughts: Lions

Painful. Simply painful.

  • Zimmer lost this game (Part 1): I posted this as a single post right after the game. Let me try to explain myself better. At the end of regulation, the Vikes had the ball with third down and goal. The Vikes had just been stopped with 39 seconds to go. The clock was running and the Vikes had two timeouts. They decide to call a timeout. Now, they could have the run the clock as long as they wanted before calling the time out. They also only had two more plays (maximum) to call. They called the time out with 27 seconds to go. They could have waited to 20 seconds, 18 seconds, 16 seconds and still have run two plays (even with a sack) because they had a time out left. They didn’t. This was totally in the coaches control. It is time management execution. The Vikes scored the next play. The Lions came back and scored to tie the game by being able to kill the clock with two seconds left. Simply put, if the Vikes had waited a few seconds more to call their second to last time out, the Vikes would have won.
  • Zimmer lost the game (Part 2): Simply put, the prevent defense has beed the bane of the Vikings existence for years. I didn’t think Zimmer believed in the prevent defense (but I couldn’t find any support for this).
  • Hershel Walker: Why do I mention Hershel Walker? Who remembers his first game as a Viking. Who remembers Bradford’s first few games as a Viking. I don’t think there is any real relationship except the fact both started great and then came back to earth. I woke up thinking about this this morning so I thought I would include it.
  • Offensive Line: I thought they played better mostly but you have to be able to move the dline a yard when needed. I can’t believe the Vikes do not have a single OLineman powerful enough to move the opposing dlineman a yard. Even with the benefit of knowing when the ball is snapped, the OLinemna can get no movement when needed.
  • Walsh: When the Vikes drafted Walsh, they knew he could go into prolonged funks. I think everyone on this board knew he would cost the Vikes a win this season. Well, he cost the Vikes a win. I think the Vikes really need to think about Walsh’s future.
  • Vikings Pee: Defense: Waynes. Though I do think Waynes is pretty soft in run defense, he has shown good coverage skills. Offense: Thielen.