Minnesota Vixen (Women’s FB Team) in Playoffs – Hear the VikeFans Interview

19 year veteran and Center for the 6-2 Minnesota Vixen of the WFO (Women’s Full Tackle Football League), Michele Braun joins VikeFans.com to share her stories of playing in professional football.

Hear some really funny stories of her experience, and the thrill of playing football is no different than what we hear from the NFL competitors.  This team heads to the playoffs on Saturday, and can become the first Minnesota Professional Football Team to bring a Championship to Minnesota.   This team has a receiver who has 11 TDs and leads the league with over 100 yards receiving per game.

Oh, and Michele has been a Viking fan since Super Bowl VIII.  Listen to her talk about how she became a fan, who her favorite player was then an now.

The Vixen are also partnering with the Vikings to help promote women playing football.

Go Vixen!


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