Forum Rules

Our Mission: We are committed to providing a fun and friendly place to hang out, chat and engage in quality discussions. All fans are treated fairly and as equals. We may scuffle a bit in Chat Room, but this is a Viking Home to all.


Board Rules: Please do not post explicit nudity or gore, illegal content, malware, spam or inflammatory language based on race, color, gender, disabilities, national origin or sexual preference. Please refrain from using the site to campaign for politicians or issues that are not directly related to the Vikings. This includes asking for people’s votes, funding, providing links to campaign sites or advertising campaign slogans or materials or depictions of them. Also and this is under strict enforcement Nickelback videos are NOT allowed here under and circumstance.


Privacy Policy: VikeFans use information solely to support the functions of the site, and do not share it with any third parties. Persistent cookies are stored if you select “Rememebr Me” next to the Login button.


Please understand that this community is largely self policing. Maintaining that spirit is at the forefront of what this site is all about. Less moderation, more civil discussion should be the goal of each and every member. A discussion board functions best when moderation doesn’t need to intervene. Merging topics upsets the flow of dialogue. Deleting threads throws the baby out with the bathwater most of the time. And moving threads simply leaves everyone lost as to what happened.


So please read the board, and jump into conversations before starting a new one in the same vein. Be courteous to one and other even if the other person doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about.


Also know that if you get overheated about any discussion, be it politics, religion, or whether or not the head coach should be fired, you will be issued a warning point. The purpose of warning points is to allow the board to be as self moderating as possible. If you break the rules and a fellow member reports it you may be subject to a warning point if the moderators verify that a rule was broken. So what are the things that can bring about a warning point and what are the consequences?


If you get 1 warning point you will get a message that you need to acknowledge before posting again. It will basically tell you the general reason why a warning point was given.


If you accumulate 2 warning points you will not be allowed to post for 24 hours.


If you accumulate 3 warning points you will not be allowed to post for 72 hours.


If you accumulate 4 warning points you will be permanently banned from posting.


Warning points do not stay on your record forever however and they do eventually fade from your point total. Here is a list of warning reasons and the duration of their point total.


Topic Flooding –
Please refrain from starting duplicate topics or links or starting controversial discussions or topics like climate, conspiracies, crimes, guns, politics or religion. Acceptable discussions include animals, cooking, entertainment, jobs, jokes, outdoors, paranormal, relationships, science, sports, etc. A violation may result in locked content, revised content and/or a 14 or 90 day warning.


Nudity, Lewdness, or Gore –
While we all have different tastes, asks that you try to temper your discussions as though you were in a public setting consisting of various age ranges and walks of life. A violation will result in a 14 or 90 day warning.


Malware, or Illegal Content –
Malware, SPAM and/or illegal content are serious issues and are not tolerated. This includes copyright infringement, unauthorized links to NFL games and merchandise or specific threats to individuals. A violation may result in an immediate ban or a 14 or 90 day warning.


Inappropriate / Inflammatory Language –
Please refrain from using slurs or offensive language pertaining to race, religion, nationality, sex, and sexual orientation etc. in posts or any offensive language in thread titles. These actions may result in moderation including editing posts, an immediate ban and/or a 14 or 90 day warning.


Abusive Behavior / Attacking a Member –
Name calling, ridiculing, bullying, or continued provoking of another member or original content of a member is not allowed. Please refrain from this type of activity. Violations will result in a 14 or 90 day warning.


Disclosing Personal Details of a Member –
Please do not reveal personal information without expressed permission to do so. This can place members and others to risks from potential online predators. This activity may result removal of the content and/or a 14 or 90 day warning.