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Horns Up!! – S2 E6 – We Messed With the Bull

…and gave THEM the horns. Week 5 in the NFL is in the books and the Vikings head into their ...
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Good Buds, BBQ, and Finally….. The Bye Week

This week we talk about the BBQ, the meetup at the tailgate, and the beat down on the Texans ...
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The Lochdown Week 5 – Like Buttah… (If Butter Could Whup You)

Question – What do you get when a horde of members converge for a tailgate? Answer – A hangover ...
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Texans vs Vikes NFL Soundbites with Pete Bercich

This is a crisp 21 minute audio cast. We cover just 7 topics, and if you are limited on time, ...
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Misc. Thoughts: Texans

By Member VikingOracle I am not going to take full credit for the Vikings 5-0 start because my wife ...
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Observations from Hog-Tying the Texans

Y'know, I usually don't like patterns all that much. Same-old, same-old, predictable and stale...except, with the Vikings, these weekly wins ...
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