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Observations After Getting Plucked by the Eagles

Well, s**t.  I was hoping we had this one. It's gonna be a short one this week, because...well, it'll have ...
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NFL Soundbytes: Eagles, Bradford and More!

Pete Bercich breaks down Vikings at Eagles, the play of Sam Bradford, the effect that bye weeks has on players, ...
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USB Drive of the game versus the Houston Texans

By Members Greediron and Bezerker88 Like the Vikings this last week, we seem to be settling into a nice ...
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Horns Up!! – S2 E6 – We Messed With the Bull

…and gave THEM the horns. Week 5 in the NFL is in the books and the Vikings head into their ...
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Good Buds, BBQ, and Finally….. The Bye Week

This week we talk about the BBQ, the meetup at the tailgate, and the beat down on the Texans ...
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The Lochdown Week 5 – Like Buttah… (If Butter Could Whup You)

Question – What do you get when a horde of members converge for a tailgate? Answer – A hangover ...
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