Quick hits With Viking Bob Season Wrap up!

Well, with our season ending without a Playoff appearance, we look forward to free agency and the Draft. We do that by looking back at what we have now and what we need to improve on. This will be my last one for a while, So here we go!!

1. Team Ownership:  The Wilfs, I think they do a wonderful job, but have some serious decisions to make. Do they keep Spielman on as GM? Is this his last chance?  This is a major decision to look at for them…

2. GM and Coaching Staff: I truly believe Spielman is safe for at least this year… Zimmer has tough choices to make now. He just named Shurmur the OC which I think is a good move, but where does that leave Scott Turner? Stay as QB Coach? leave?  What about Sparano? The offensive line looked horrible, but with all those injuries. Can he truly be blamed?

3. QB: Bradford seems to be the guy going into Training Camp next season with Bridgewater most likely going  on the PUP List. If Hill going to retire that leaves Heinicke as the only back up. Do we grab a veteran or draft a rookie?  I hope we don’t grab a veteran and let Heinicke start as the back up

4. Running Backs: Asiata is a free agent. Do we bring him back, or promote Ham? Do we bring Peterson back? Will he take a pay cut? Can McKinnon play 16 games like he did against the Bears and be our Swiss Army knife type RB?  Can Bishop Sankey help? Do we find one in FA? Who do we draft?

5. WRs/TEs: Patterson is a free agent and I don’t think he will be back. Johnson and Wright didn’t do much to help this past season. Treadwell had problems getting on the field. MoBo was and is no where near ready. That leaves just Diggs and Thielen as our WRs that did anything. I know Thielen is a FA, but he is a RFA and I don’t believe he is going anywhere… Rudolph had a career season, but needs to learn how to block better. Morgan and Ellison don’t do much more than block. So maybe an upgrade somewhere?? I can see another pass catching TE in this offense.

6. Offensive Line: This is the Vikings biggest problem right now.  Who stays and who goes? Do you bring back Kalil? Who can we get in free agency? The draft? THIS is where I believe will make or break Spielman and the team.

7. Defensive Line: Run defense broke down with Floyd spending the season in the trainers room. Do we bring him back? Do we keep Robison who has been a proven veteran leader?  Can Trattou, Johnson (Toby or Tom), Weatherly, Crichton and Stephen show enough to stick around?

8. Linebackers: With Greenway prepared to retire, can Brothers, Lamur or Robinson step up? Can Barr return to his old form? Kendricks is a star in the making.

9. Defensive Backs: We have a good base in  Smith and Rhodes. I think Waynes starts next season. Sendejo will get some competition from Kearse and Harris. Can Alexander make the next step? What do we do with Munnerlyn and Newman? Price and Exum??   Safety is probably the least position of worry on the team.

10. Special Teams: Forbath didn’t miss a FG, but his kickoffs were short. Locke had a great first half of the season and then looked horrible.  We will miss Patterson on kickoffs big time. Sherels does a fine job on PR, but do we keep a roster spot for that job only?

Well, we have a lot of holes that need to be filled if we cut AP, Kalil, BRob, Newman, Munnerlyn, and with Greenway retiring, we would have a small fortune to spend on (Not) Free Agents. Would we improve the team or create other holes? We also need to have an incredible draft with players that will help right away. And last years draft did nothing to help the team yet.

I hope this one creates a lot of discussion for all Viking fans!!  Thank you all for reading these, I will be around LOL  Enjoy and SKOL!!!!