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The Lochdown - Week 7 Offensive Line Fire Sale...

Oct 22 2014 08:48 AM | Lochstar in Member Articles

The Lochdown is becoming a weekly favorite bringing us the leagues info in a way that only Lochstar can!

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Positives on the Purple-The Defense

Oct 21 2014 09:16 AM | vikergirl in Member Articles

VikerGirl focuses on the positives of the Vikings Defense versus the Bills.

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Random Ramblings~am I in stage 5?

Oct 20 2014 09:48 AM | azvikesgal in Member Articles

AZVikesGal bringing a perspective only she can deliver. Now we all might need to seek some counseling!

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A Few Thoughts on Today's Game and the Team...

Oct 19 2014 10:41 PM | NFL_DraftGuru in Member Articles

In a game where the end result was heartbreak Geoff does a good job of taking a look at the whole game rather than jsut the negatives

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Observations After the 2013 Vikings Lost to the...

Oct 19 2014 03:32 PM | Zanary in Member Articles

Is Zanary having Deja Vu? Have we been here before? Some things are eerily familliar about this team.

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The Lochdown - Week 6 Super Special Discount Sp...

Oct 16 2014 12:58 PM | Lochstar in Member Articles

The Lochstar bringing you the lochdown in week 6 and gives you his breakdown of all sorts of football type stuffs!

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Fano's Fantastic Four....Week 6!

Oct 16 2014 08:45 AM | Fanopurple in Member Articles

Fanopurple brings you his weekly fantastic four questions!

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After Further Review, Week 6....

Oct 15 2014 08:56 AM | greediron in Member Articles

Greediron takes a look at the line play of the offensive line against the lions defense and highlights some of the positives in Zimmer's own defensive showing.

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Culture of accountability and the influence of...

Oct 15 2014 08:34 AM | vikergirl in Member Articles

VikerGirl addresses that recurring theme that VikeFans have heard all too many times.... Changing the Culture of Accountability, and also addresses how having a negative mentality influences a given outcome.

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9 things (but less than eleven) that I am conte...

Oct 14 2014 02:49 PM | BarrNoneā„¢ in Member Articles

Well...... here's more than 9 things. None of which has anything to do with Ebola.

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