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#42 Jack Brewer Talks to VIkeFans on Football,...

Jul 24 2014 04:43 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Like Matt Birk, Safety Jack Brewer went from the University of Minnesota on to play in the NFL with the Vikings.

He talks to VikeFans about why and how he switched from WR to Safety, what it was like to get the coach's attention as an undrafted Free Agent in Camp, when the light turns on for rookies, and what it was like to play for Mike Tice. Jack also tells us why Antoine Winfield never made the move from CB to Safety later in his career.

But, perhaps most compelling about this interview is what Jack has done after football. He heads the Coalition for Concussion Treatment (C4CT), which meets at the United Nations on July 31st, leads the Jack Brewer Foundation and is one of the premier sports and entertainment consulting and planning business in the world.

Take a listen to this fascinating Viking. Jack will see you comments, so feel free to ask a question.

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Foreman For HOF Gains National Traction - Radio...

Jul 23 2014 05:06 PM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Chuck Foreman and Bob Sansevere (Sports Radio 105 The Ticket and Pioneer Press) contacted VikeFans.com to let us know that Chuck was on with Bob S. and Mike Morris on Sports Radio 105 The Ticket yesterday afternoon talking about the VikeFans.com initiative to get Foreman in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a Seniors Selection nominee.

He spent 15 minutes on the air with the guys yesterday and talked for about 10 minutes about the HOF effort. Bob Sansevere and Mike Morris give plenty of on-air plugs for VikeFans.com.

Chuck finishes with his thoughts about Bridgewater and how AP could be even better.

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NFL Draft Guru Looks at the Viking Offense

Jul 23 2014 07:06 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

With training camp less than 60 hours away, our NFL Draft Guru (Geoff Nichols) takes an in-depth look at the Viking offense, the position battles expected in camp, and how he projects the depth chart when the Vikings open the season in September.

Are there any surprises, and do you see it differently? Debate it with Geoff and your fellow VikeFans.com members right here!

Up Next: The Defense

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It's an Epic "Must Watch" VikeFans....

Jul 22 2014 07:49 PM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Check out that new VikeFans.com animated logo - you can almost feel that you are on the Longship.

And, HighPoint, Lochstar and Nichelle do outstanding work in this blood-pumping precursor to the 2014 Season.

And, don't forget to check the end credits to see if you made them this time. Those who participated in the video are listed, but so are others of our VikeFans.com brethren.

Let them know what you think! Do you Believe?

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Chris Kluwe Interview on VikeFans.com - 7-16-14

Jul 17 2014 05:37 AM | PurplePain in Feature Stories

Longtime Minnesota Vikings punter and holder of more than 10 team punting records, Chris Kluwe joined VikeFans.com on Wednesday. Chris talks about music, video games, being owed an ice cream cone, a lot about his experience as a Viking football, some talk about pranks, and his most memorable moments as a Viking.

Chris also discusses some of his rationale on why he believes he was terminated from his NFL job beyond performance.

Chris was proud to be a Minnesota Viking, and as you see from his closing comment, once a Viking, always a Viking.

Please welcome Chris Kluwe to the VikeFans.com Longship.

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VikeFans Profile - Getting to Know A Portrait o...

Jul 08 2014 06:44 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

The man with a name that spurs conversation for Dorian and Torrian!

Now we all get to see what Makes "A Portrait of Torrian Gray" tick!

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Tom Pelissero Talks Vikings with VikeFans.com (...

Jul 07 2014 07:30 PM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Formerly a senior writer, editor and daily talk show host at ESPN 1500 in the Twin Cities, Tom now covers the NFL for USA Today.

But, Tom stays very close to the NFC North and the Minnesota Vikings. He covers some really intriguing things in this interview, including:

* Thoughts on Chris Kluwe beyond the claims he has made against Mike Preifer
* His dust-up with Jerome Simpson
* Will Chad Greenway play in the Middle?
* The defensive scheme changes
* Difference between Frazier and Zimmer styles (base on his eyewitness accounts at practice)
* Can Matt Kalil rebound in 2014?
* Anthony Barr and Brian Robison with a hand on the ground and dropping into pass coverage
* Is Teddy Bridgewater a Franchise-type QB or simply an upgrade?
* Where is Antoine Winfield?
* What happened in the Josh Freeman experiment?
* How will the North Shake out?

And much more.

Not just your standard answers, but some things you probably never knew.

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Chuck Foreman Hall of Fame Writeup and Video

Jul 05 2014 06:39 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

WE REALLY NEED EVERYONE's HELP (Please participate - your input matters!!!!)

As most know, VikeFans.com was selected to represent Chuck Foreman's bid for a Senior's Committee nomination for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Below you will find the main 13 pages of the HOF justification document that VikeFans.com produced for Chuck Foreman's consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This does NOT include the referenced appendix, nor 32 pages of game-by-game statistics for Foreman and about 19 other Hall of Fame RBs (this will be included in the report to the voting sports writers). There is also a companion 10-minute video that reviews Foreman's career and qualifications against his peers already in the HOF - this will be posted separately.

A team including CaActorVike, SDCAVikesFan, Cricket, PTN, JimmyInSD, Bezerker88 and HighPoint participated in the creation of the document and video, and they are actively in the final stages of contacting HOFers and players who played with and against Foreman (players like Larry Little, Harold Jackson, Fred Dryer, Carl Eller, Ahmad Rashad, Alan Page, Joe Delamieleurre, and more). We thank these VF members for their efforts to get one of the Viking greats in the HOF.

When we get to mid-July, both the document and video will be sent to all 44 sports writers who are designated as voters for the HOF.

Where we need your help is to review the document and tell us if we are missing the mark in the direction we have taken.

YOUR INPUT is VITAL, and we hope you will provide it to the team. This is your chance to make a difference in Viking and NFL history.

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Exclusive VikeFans Interview with Dan 'The...

Jul 02 2014 10:13 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

The Common Man, known for his weekday show on KFAN from Noon-3pm joined VikeFans.com to talk about a variety of Vikings and NFL topics, and he even counsels VikeFans.com on they type of Off-Topic discussions we may want to consider.

Dan was headed out on vacation to Brainerd, MN, but took the time to give us his thoughts.

We think you will love his take on:

* Comedy and Best comedian of all time
* His TV career
* Why he is a Detroit Lions fan
* His stance on the Redskin name
* If Priefer is found guilty of statements he is accused of, what penalty should he receive?
* Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater
* Recounting emotional, and sometimes irrational Viking Fans
* Hosting KFAN Fanline
* Christian Ponder, Cassel and Bridgewater
* Has AP peaked?
* Is the Viking franchise cursed, and why have we not won a championship in the last 15 years?
* What will Zimmer be like to cover, and who his favorite coach to cover was (it is a shocker)?
* His prediction for a Viking 2014 record.

Oh, and for Fans of Common's daily show, there are a couple of audio salutes to his program - see if you can find them!

If it is only football you want to hear, that discussion starts from the 12 minute mark and continues for the remainder of the interview.

We want to thank Common for joining us, and we encourage you to tell Dan what you think!

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AP - In His Prime, or Past His Prime?

Jun 29 2014 07:33 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

The following VIkeFans.com graphic compares the rushing yardage and average per carry of Adrian Peterson and 18 of the best running backs in history from age 27, until the end of their NFL careers. The font turns red when the player's seasonal averages dip measurably (to be fair, when Barry Sanders retried, at 1,500 plus yards, it is hard to tell if he was in decline).

On average, and NFL running back is out of the league at age 25.7. For this group, the decline starts at and average of 29.38 years of age - THE EXACT AGE ADRIAN PETERSON IS TODAY!!!

So, debate it, will AP be more like Curtis Martin, Thomas Jones, Tony Dorsett and Walter Payton, or does his hard running style make his expiration date closer to where he is right now?

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