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#92 Tom Johnson Boards the Longship (Interview)

Oct 29 2014 07:49 PM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Second in sacks at the halfway point for the Vikings with 5, Defensive Tackle Tom Johnson has proven to be quite the steal in the 2014 Free Agency period.

Tom is candid in his first interview with VikeFans.com and is clearly focused on helping this team.

Let Tom know what you think about his interview and his fantastic season so far for the Minnesota Vikings.

Please Welcome #92 Tom Johnson to the Longship!!!!

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Week 8 Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robot Action!

Oct 29 2014 09:34 AM | Lochstar in Member Articles

Lochstar recaps all the action from week 8 and brings you his Lochdowns for week 9!

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After Further Review. At the half-way point.

Oct 29 2014 09:27 AM | greediron in Member Articles

Greediron checks in at the half point with a look back at the progress of a few key players.

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Random Ramblings ~ Week 8

Oct 28 2014 02:56 PM | azvikesgal in Member Articles

Let me tell you a story about sagging celery.... well let's have AZVikesGal tell it as only she can make it interesting!

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VikeFans.com Member Profile - MaroonBells

Oct 28 2014 12:05 PM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Our 70th Member Profile brings us our friend MaroonBells!

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VikeFans.com Member Profile - MaroonBells

Oct 28 2014 11:48 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Our 70th Member Profile has us looking at our friend MaroonBells

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Tank for Draft Rank?

Oct 27 2014 10:18 AM | Mike Olson in Member Articles

VikeFans.com - Mike Olson Hang ON! - Article Title
Tank for Draft Rank?By VikeFans.com Member Mike Olson
There’s a long standing argument between DraftNiks and hardcore fans regarding whether or not at a certain point of the season it makes sen...

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Observations After Breaking our Tampa Bay Curse

Oct 26 2014 03:24 PM | Zanary in Member Articles

Zanary shares his ever informative observations about the exciting finish to the game against the Bucs.

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Bezerker88's Babbling...Week7

Oct 23 2014 12:37 PM | Bezerker88 in Member Articles

Bezerker88's take on..... The Walking Dead? A new euphemism for the Vikings?

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Oct 23 2014 08:51 AM | Fanopurple in Member Articles

Fanopurple giving his fictitious foresight's account on what will go down on Sunday when the Minnesota Kalil's take on the Bucs!

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