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Pete Bercich Talks AP, Simpson, Pats and Saints

Sep 18 2014 08:38 PM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

In our exclusive weekly series with Minnesota Vikings Radio Color Analyst Pete Bercich, he covers a lot of ground in a busy week for the team:

* Was the punishment for AP the best thing for him, the team and the fans?
* The release of Jerome Simpson
* Matt Cassel's Problem - what was the root cause?
* Do Zimmer and Turner have enough confidence in Teddy Bridgewater to insert him in the game to replace Matt, if Cassel continues to struggle?
* What do we have left at RB, and is it good enough?
* Where is Greg Jennings?
* What in the world Matt Kalil?
* Why was the defensive line pressure so limited last Sunday (it will make you feel better)
* What do the Vikings have to do to slow down the Saints and steal a win in New Orleans?
* How effective can Chad Greenway play with a broken hand?

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In the end only those with a vested interest won.

Sep 18 2014 11:04 AM | Mike Olson in Member Articles

A commentary on all the commentary out there.

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Please send my parents to jail for the rest of...

Sep 17 2014 01:00 PM | badgervike in Member Articles

This member editorial from Badgervike calls out the hysterical outrage out there that are making some wonder if they should be questioning their own upbringing. Is all the hyperbole and hot air really sending the right message?

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#83 Stu Voigt Talks Classic & Current Vikings

Sep 16 2014 04:57 PM | VikeFans in Player and Affiliated Interviews

Both the video interview and written article are below:

Join former Minnesota Vikings TE and Vikings Radio Color Analyst Stu Voigt to hear about his career, classic stories of those gray 1970s Viking teams, and his view of the 2014 squad (He still follows the team as closely as he did when he was an radio analyst for the team).

He is one sharp football mind, and a great conversationalist.

Please welcome #83 Stu Voigt to the VikeFans.com Longship!

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After further review

Sep 16 2014 02:10 PM | greediron in Member Articles

Greediron looks into the smaller details to see what we might have missed.

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Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and the Plight of the...

Sep 16 2014 12:49 PM | azvikesgal in Member Articles

A fan's perspective of the state of the NFL and the players they follos. The NFL may want to take notice of the thoughts their fans have regarding their product.

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Purple Glasses - How about that pass defense?

Sep 16 2014 09:29 AM | PTN in Member Articles

PTN takes on the tough task of look through the purple glasses this week.

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Random Ramblings~Week 2~Do I have to do this?

Sep 15 2014 09:43 AM | azvikesgal in Member Articles

I'm sure this is not a winding road that AZVikesGal wanted to have to go down, but she shares her random thoughts with us. Take the journey with her....

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What I saw Sunday

Sep 15 2014 09:33 AM | StickyBun in Member Articles

StickyBun reports his version of what he saw on Sunday versus the Patriots. Did you see the same thing he did?

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9 Things (but less than eleven) Things I'm...

Sep 15 2014 09:24 AM | BarrNoneā„¢ in Member Articles

BarrNone takes us into the workings of his mind to tell us what he is thinking about the debacle on the field versus the Pats and hits on the big thing with a trunk taking up too much couch space.

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