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1st of 7 Features - VikingsTerritory.com's...

Aug 28 2014 03:07 PM | Tom Moore in Feature Stories

Darren represents the first of our 7 guest reporters from VikingsTerritory.com, and he takes a look at the 2014 Draft Choices for the Vikings, and who he thinks will make it and won't make the squad - and why.

He also provides his analysis on how each will contribute this season to the squad.

After you listen to this 15 minute audio interview, feel free to ask Darren questions. He (and all the VIkings Territory reporters) will be joining our site as members and plan to interact with you about their interview thoughts.

Oh, and Darren fishes and talks about his skills vs Brian Robison's angling capabilities.

Please welcome Darren Page to the Longship!

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Pete Bercich's Viking Mail Call for 8-27-14...

Aug 27 2014 07:10 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Pete spent 17 minutes with VikeFans.com last night discussing a number of different hot topics on the 2014 squad in this week's Viking Mail Call.

During the conversation, he also answered the questions of our own Happy Viking, ThunderGod, CaActorVike and Greediron.

You can get your questions answered to, as Pete looks at all your submissions and picks the questions he thinks are most on Viking fan's minds.

OH, and he has a little something extra special at the end of this week's broadcast!

Let Pete know what you think, and keep those questions coming in!!!!!

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VikeFans Profile - Getting to Know Canthony

Aug 26 2014 06:02 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Please welcome into the microscope one of our most active and entertaining posters, who now looks to call VikeFans.com his primary home for Viking talk. Glad he is here, so let him know what you think about his profile!

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NFLDG - The Vikings Cut Line

Aug 25 2014 09:23 PM | NFL_DraftGuru in Member Articles

NFLDraftGuru's Breakdown of the Vikings Cut Line takes a look at the locks as well as those that might be on the bubble.

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What Happened to Your Favorite Former 2013 Viki...

Aug 25 2014 05:26 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Here is an update of the performance of the key 2013 Minnesota Vikings who left the team after last season. Anybody you miss or want back?

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VikeFans Interview - #23 Ted Brown (Video &...

Aug 22 2014 06:13 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

One of the greatest running backs in Minnesota Viking history (top 5 rushing in a rich history of great Viking running backs), #23 Ted Brown joins us to talk some late 1970 and 1980s football.

Ted loved being a Viking, and he remains a proud resident of the Twin Cities. Please welcome Ted Brown to the Longship at VikeFans.com

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VikeFans Interview with #9 Tommy Kramer (Video...

Aug 13 2014 04:23 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

He was known to the Viking fans in the Twin Cities as "Two Minute" Tommy. for his ability to lead the purple gang to wins against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Tommy joins us from San Antonio, and relives some of his greatest Viking memories and comebacks. He really helps you understand what it was like to be a quarterback in the 1970s and 1980s, and what it was like to play for Bud Grant and Jerry Burns.

Both the video interview (with tons of clips from Tommy's Viking playing days) and the written article (Thanks VikerGirl and HighPont) are below.

Welcome to the Longship #9!

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Pete Berich's Viking Mail Call (Audio and W...

Aug 12 2014 12:19 PM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Good friend of the VikeFans.com Longship submits the first of his season-long series "Pete Bercich's Viking Mail Call", where he takes questions from the Fans here on VikeFans.com and answers 3 of the best questions each week from the preseason through the 2014 NFL playoffs.

Pete is a registered member here, so make sure to tell him what you think, and submit your questions each week. Pete sees them all, and may just answer your question!!!

Welcome Pete back to the VikeFans.com Longship!!!

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VikeFans Profile - Getting to Know Lochstar

Aug 12 2014 07:54 AM | VikeFans in Feature Stories

Get to know the man who goes by Lochstar, and rarely gives his last name, because, according to him, "It is so complicated, no one ever remembers it or understands what I am saying!"

Please welcome our own internet DJ extreme, Lochstar into the Member Profile shooting gallery!

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#55 Anthony Barr's Interview on VikeFans.com

Aug 03 2014 08:44 PM | VikeFans in Player and Affiliated Interviews

We got lucky as we left the field following the Saturday night practice in Mankato. Thinking our interviewing schedule had been completed, when everyone rushed to interview Matt Cassel in a swarm of media pool media, we snuck over and caught Anthony Barr as he was leaving the field to head for his day off.

A very personable, bright young man, and we feel fortunate to hear from him, knowing later we can say "we knew him when..."

Please give a very warm welcome to our #1 Draft Choice, Anthony Barr (please excuse the video graininess, as we did not have our light to brighten the scene).

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