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VikeFans.com is a collection of the best fans in sports around the world.... the fans of the Minnesota Vikings. Together we make up a community that has known each other for years. We brought ourselves together to share in the traditions of our team and to share our knowledge and thoughts on all things Viking Football.

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  • Making Sense of the Bradford situation
    Teddy’s rehab is going well, but you don’t know what you have in him until he steps foot on the field again. You just don’t know until the end of the day if Teddy is going to stand in the pocket and maneuver out of pressure the […]
  • Playoffs – A Bore of Mismatches…
    It is this time of year that the Owner’s meetings are about to begin, and two of the hot topics every year are: 1 –  Expand to an 18 game regular season, and 2 – Increase the number of playoff teams from 6 to 8 in each conference. […]
  • Quick hits With Viking Bob Season Wrap up!
    Well, with our season ending without a Playoff appearance, we look forward to free agency and the Draft. We do that by looking back at what we have now and what we need to improve on. This will be my last one for a while, So here we go!! 1. Team […]
  • Thor’s Hammer S2 E17 2017 Turn Out The Lights, The Party’s Over…. Or is it?
    It has been one heck of a season for Viking Fans and while there was disappointment, there is also lots to talk about going into next year, and what better way to end this years official season of Thor’s Hammer than pontificating on that with […]
  • Thor’s Hammer S2 E16 2016 After getting smacked by the pack, the crew picks up the slack!
    Always tough to drop a game to the Packers, but losing the way we did added some salt in the wounds. The boys break it down and give you insights into the upcoming week! Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet […]
  • Vikings failed to get out of the starting gate against the Colts
    Well it was plenty ugle and we have the crew to tell you all you need to know about ugliness… Thor’s hammer breaks it down for you in brutal honest fashion. Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet […]
  • USB Drive of the game, Mountains come crashing down
    The turning point of this ugly week 15 game came early, the general consensus was simply this. Carlos Gonzalez for Star Tribune. Words fail this scribe, so it will be short and bitter.  Joseph claims he was just jumping to block the kick and caught […]
  • Misc. Thoughts: Colts
    My apologies to start as I have failed to comment on the past few games — travel for work, office relocation etc. Great game to come back to the boards with, though…….. Un-Zimmer Like: This is perhaps the most un-Zimmer like played […]
  • Thor’s Hammer S2 E14 2016 After spaying the Jaguars we look forward to breaking the Colts
    Georgia Vike is back from assignment covering the Jaguars game for VikeFans.com and he tells his tales of chumming it up with the media, Mike Zimmer, Rick Spielman and More! Then we move on to discussing how we will break the Colts this week at […]
  • The Lochdown Week 14 – Audio Version Special!
    So yeah, my left hand is about 80% capacity which means typing a whole article out difficult, so here is an audio version of the Lochdown! You’ll hear the explanation, the recap and all the goods included! It’s all love in under 13 […]